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Production of C-frame and straight-side mechanical eccentric presses

Specific Know-how in metal stamping SanGiacomo Presse

Specific Know-how in metal stamping

For more than 65 years we have been collaborating with leading brand owners of a large variety of industries and complete line manufacturers, accumulating knowledge and awareness of the intricacies of what is happening to specific industries. Therefore, we are familiar with the conditions that apply to each individual industry or category and we are able to respond providing solutions to challenges and work efficiently.

100% In-house manufacturing SanGiacomo Presse

100% In-house manufacturing

We have a real commitment to high-quality so in-house manufacturing allows us to be always in control of the process and quality in addition to a quick reaction to market demands, to always offer a reliable and top level machine tool. Moreover, it gives us the ability to customize and more easily shift direction or make changes in response to innovative ideas or improvements.

Innovation as a key to competitiveness SanGiacomo Presse

Innovation as a key to competitiveness

We are a company in constant motion. We continuously optimize our products as well as our processes with the objective of remaining a modern, dynamic and value-adding partner. At Sangiacomo we also try to determine market standards focusing our attention in finding new solutions to help our customers being more competitive in the global market.

The numbers

  • +65 on the market
  • +16K machines worldwide
  • +19K Produced pieces/second in the world
  • 100% Made in Italy
Enviromentally conscious SanGiacomo Presse

Enviromentally conscious

We at Sangiacomo strongly support social and environmental responsibility. Sustainability and balance are our core elements. As machine manufacturer is for us essential to care for the safety and wellbeing of our workers and press users and make the most of new technologies to ensure safe working conditions, reduce energy consumption and lubricant waste, diminish environmental impact.

Service SanGiacomo Presse


Aware how critical our machines are to your process, our skilled technicians are always prepared to promptly support and get your press back to work.