Why choose Sangiacomo?

Solid Frame SanGiacomo Presse

Solid Frame

Highly rigid unitized frames with stress relief, designed and submitted to a finite element analysis (FEM) to ensure extremely low deflection at full tonnage and the best result in vibration and noise dampening. Massive high precision cnc machines, entrusted to our skilled and experienced workers create a state-of-the-art framework. No fillers are ever used, 100% steel with the proper sizing.

Easy To Integrate SanGiacomo Presse

Easy To Integrate

Extremely versatile, our machines from stand-alone units can be implemented quick and cost effective with auxiliary equipment (feeders, transfer units, robots, manipulators) thanks to a mechanical and electrical interface available on all models.

Clear and Intuitive Software SanGiacomo Presse

Clear and Intuitive Software

Flexible, modular and powerful. Created to respond to the most demanding application our software allows to monitor every aspect of the stamping process. Particular focus is given to the interface with a comfortable touch-screen display simple, clean, reliable and intuitive to provide the best user experience for everyone, trained operators or beginners.

Forged Shafts and Adjustable Stroke Length SanGiacomo Presse

Forged Shafts and Adjustable Stroke Length

Forged eccentric shafts possess higher ductility and offer greater performance, resistance to impact and fatigue loads, impossible to match with non-forged shaft (conventional shafts) or eccentric gears design. Forging gives higher strength and resistance to shock and vibrations, providing finer crystalline structure to the metal, improving its physical properties by closing all voids and forming the grain flow to the right eccentric shape. Each and every shaft used by Sangiacomo is forged. A wide stroke length range allows multiple applications, reducing impact velocity and consequently vibration and noise level.

Accurate Ram Guiding SanGiacomo Presse

Accurate Ram Guiding

To achieve quality productions and long life for tools and press, the ram requires a precise and adjustable guiding system. A press with inefficient guiding will affect first of all the quality of the parts, increase the wear of the dies and in the long run affect also the press. In the era of cost effectiveness production this cannot be underestimated. Having 6 or 8 long guides on the press as per our standard, allows to run tighter tolerance productions thanks to the greater alignment, reduce tool sharpening/maintenance and consequently gain a higher quality end product.